Yourope, face y(eu)r future!

“Yourope, face y(EU)r future!”

Das Projekt wird vom 29. Oktober bis 05. November 2022 in Berlin, Deutschland stattfinden.

About the project:

The engagement of young people in the construction of the future of Europe is central in order to allow them to find solutions to the challenges that are becoming impotent: climate change, war in Ukraine, etc. It will therefore be proposed to young people concrete ways to act through activities that mix political involvement, European citizenship and ecology through the visit of high political places and sustainable development of the German capital to understand the links between history and future, political and ecological.

The exchange will include :

8 Polish Participants

Stowarzyszenie INPRO

8 French Participants

La Maison de l’Europe des Landes WIPSEE

8 German Participants

Europas Erfolg e.V.

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50 € (Incl. Accommodation, Catering and Transportation)

20 € for our members (für unsere Mitglieder) – (Incl. Accommodation, Catering and Transportation)

Are you interessted?

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